Meet the Team


Roy Prestia
Head of Operations
Roy Prestia has a vast and varied experience in business management and finance. He was schooled at Sydney’s Prestigious The King’s School College in Sydney and after completing his tertiary education majoring in business and economics at the University of Technology Sydney. Roy took up a roll running a large fruit and vegetable Import and export corporation, running and working closely with local farmers in establishing large growing areas of fresh produce for local supermarket chains and for the export market, successfully supplying fruit into Asia. With his experience in dealing with growers worldwide, Roy took the role as head of operations for QFMT, using his knowledge in training and management to help coach new employees through their initial phases of employment.
Rodney Prestia
Managing Partner
Rodney Has over 20 years’ experience working in all facets of the horticultural industry, growing up working alongside his father and brother at the wholesale produce markets in Sydney, Rodney got a keen understanding of produce and dealing with growers. He has owned and operated with is family produce farms, wholesale and retail fruit and vegetable outlets in a career spanning over 20 years More recently Rodney held the position of Head of operations for one of the largest Strawberry growing enterprises in Australia with an annual turnover of 70M AUD, leading the operation of some 18 growers suppling strawberries to all the major Australian retail chains. It was during this time that Rodney saw first hand the need for more stringent compliance across all facets in the industry. Tasked with ensuring that compliance was adhered across all major grower suppliers, Rodney developed an in-depth knowledge of all facets of compliance, in particular labor management. He implemented systems, policies and procedures to ensure that all compliance was being strictly adhered to. With a solution orientated approach and experience working on farm, Rodney takes great pride in assisting all farmers provide clarity out of complexity with regards to all horticultural compliance Whilst most consultants have never got their hands and boots dirty, Rodney’s in-depth knowledge of running the largest Strawberry operation in Australia enables him to understand the challenges that farmers face ensuring total compliance. At the end of the day, Farmers have a crop to worry about and a supply chain to protect, its hard to manage both. Rodney aims to work in unison with growers so the farmer can do what he does best and that’s farm.
Dami Kim
Quality Control Manager
Dami Joins QFMT as our Head Quality Control Manager, Dami specialises in auditing and monitoring quality control procedures at field area and packing shed. 
She ensures quality control during fruit handling and packaging processing to ensure compliance with required health standard. She tests samples of produce for quality, size, and purity. Examining and advising staff members on food safety, handling and processing procedures and making quarantine arrangements in place 
and educating, advising and providing information on a wide range of topics relating to any fruit and their protection.
Chiung Yi Huang ( Joan )
Placement Consultant ( Mandarin Speaking Clientele )
Joan is a Taiwanese national whom joins the team as a placement consultant, working with our WHV workers from Taiwan and China, with a background in Graphic design and management Joan’s role in our organization is to assist with those employees whom have language barriers and prefer to speak in their mother tongue language of Mandarin Joan has travelled around Australia, New Zealand as well as furthering her English education in the Philippines, She has also has had experience picking strawberries in New Zealand, which she has stated was hard , challenging but rewarding work. She has worked on other farms such throughout the country and is well adverse to offer her advice on working within the agricultural industry You can contact Joan at our office on 073 880 6975 or via email at
Chaehyun Lim
National Senior Manager
David joins the team of QFMT as our national senior manager. david has been managing and training overseas employees for many years and his unique style of training has led him to be one of the most respected in his field. David has a wide range of experience in the agricultural berry industry. In this field, David has managed employees in both Queensland and Adelaide on a daily basis. david brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and with his history we are excited to have him join us.
Sally Zhang
Accountant – Financial Controller
Sally has her Bachelor degree in Accounting and Business Management at Griffin University in Queensland. She joined CPA Australia in 2017. Sally speaks fluent Chinese and English she is helpful in assisting workers who arrive in Australia with language difficulties. Sally has been working in the agricultural sector since finalising her degree in 2014. She is responsible for all Accounting and payroll, and all day to day financial matters for the company. Sally acts as a Chinese interpreter to our Chinese Working Holiday visitors that wish to engage in working for a short period in the Berry Industry in Australia.
Da Woon Han
Team Leader and Training Specialist
Da Woon Han joins the team of QFMT as our training specialist. Da Woon has a vast range of experiences in both Australia and Korea. He has been involved in the agricultural sector in Australia for many years, widening his knowledge of the berry industry to become one of the top pickers and trainers in Australia. Da Woon takes the time to train and manage all new recruits that are looking to enter employment in the agricultural industry. Da Woon brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and with his history, we are excited to have him with us.
Marliis Lahesalu
Social Media Specialist/European Consultant
Marliis joins the QFMT team as our European consultant and social media specialist. Marliis showed her determination and ambition as she entered the workforce picking strawberries for the first time, managing herself and striving to succeed to become the top picker in one season in Australia. She now dedicates her time to helping new recruits with their transition to the farm and assists them with training progress through her knowledge and personal experiences. With her passion and energy, she creates a positive atmosphere in the workspace and brings motivation to the members of our team. Marliis will head our social media network and our European intake, by constantly updating the training and positions available. We welcome her and are excited to have her on our QFMT team.
Risa Terada
Placement Consultant ( Japanese employees )
Risa has commenced work in our office after working on several farms under the guidance of Queensland Farm Management in Caboolture, Adelaide and Stanthorpe She was worked picking Strawberries and Raspberries and is eager to share her experience with all our Japanese workers, whom wish to join the QFMT team Risa with her knowledge of working on these farms is well adverse to answer any questions that you might have with regards to farm work on one of our farms You can contact Risa at the office on 073 880 6975 or via email at